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Played in Augusta, GA this event is the first major golf championship and is the most highly anticipated tournament each year. Whether you are a first-time attendee or attend every year, something special happens when you walk on the hallowed grounds. This is a great event to reward top clients, employees, or to enjoy with friends.

Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs is the most viewed horse race in the World – something you can’t completely understand unless you have witnessed it live. Enjoy Louisville’s southern charm, sip Kentucky Bourbon, and dress to the nines in colorful suits and beautiful hats. The Kentucky Derby is a memorable event for couples, large groups, and client entertaining.

Ryder Cup

The Ryder Cup is only played every two years, rotating between the US and Europe, making it a highly anticipated event. Watch the top players in Europe and the United States compete against each other in a unique team format. All golf fans are sure to get caught up in the competitive nature of the Ryder Cup. Let us create a custom ticket and hospitality package for your group of any size.

Phoenix Open

Playfully referred to as the “Greatest Show on Grass”, the Phoenix Open has become one of the most popular tournaments in professional golf. This tournament provides the perfect blend of golf & party! With our all-inclusive access on holes 16 & 17 you can enjoy this fun event with colleagues or friends.

Monaco F1 Grand Prix

The “Crown Jewel” of the F1 Races, the Monaco Grand Prix. With our exclusive access to Super Yachts in Port Hercules and also land options such as the Ermanno Terrace, all with high-end hospitality & live entertainment throughout your day enjoying the races – we can be sure to find an option that best suits your preferences!

U.S. Open Golf®

The U.S. Open is generally considered the most challenging and competitive of the four Majors. Rotating around the most well-known golf courses in the United States each year provides a great regional interest while still appealing to golf fans around the world. Our groups at the U.S. Open are often a mix of corporate guests, friends, father/son combos, and couples.

PGA Championship

Constructed in 1916, the PGA Championship is the last of golf’s yearly Majors – the tournament is never short of excitement!  Rotating courses each year, this will be the tournament’s fourth time visiting Valhalla Golf Club. Combine your love of golf with a side of bourbon as the 2024 tournament will be held right outside of downtown Louisville, Kentucky.


Held in London since 1877, The Wimbledon Championships are the sport’s original championship. Played on outdoor, grass courts over a two-week period, this event is never short of excitement. Attend this event donning all white – with players and royalty alike. 

US Open Tennis

As the fourth and final Grand Slam tournament of the year, the US Open is a great way to experience New York, while seeing great tennis play. Within the cozy confines of Arthur Ashe Stadium, every seat provides a great view of all the fast action. Whether your clients, friends, or significant other is a tennis fan or just enjoys New York City, you will be sure to enjoy your time at the US Open.