World Series

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The World Series, otherwise known as the “Fall Classic” is played in October of each year.  With a best-of-seven game format in which the American League champion plays the National League champion, this is an exciting display of both individual and team efforts.  World Series baseball is considered to be the most exciting games of the year since every game is so crucial to winning the World Series.

Every October, a new hero emerges to help his team win the coveted World Series title.  Whether it is your team’s ace starting pitcher who wins a critical game or the young slugger who carries the offensive load of his team or the unknown utility player who has the key hit of the series, baseball fans will be sure to remember the name and his valued accomplishment.

The World Series is played at the home stadiums of the competing teams with the team from the league that won the MLB All-Star game hosting four of the games at home.  With games in October, cold, wind and other environmental elements can play a major factor in the outcome of the games – particularly for the game in cities in the northern part of the country.

Princeton Group is a leading provider of World Series tickets and hotel accommodations.  Since you won’t often know if your team will be playing in the World Series or if the later games in the series will be played, you can feel comfortable that Princeton Group can accommodate your last minute requests for World Series tickets and hotels.

The exact dates and locations will be based on the American League and National League champions.