THE PLAYERS Championship

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Since its start in 1974, THE PLAYERS Championship has been one of the PGA TOUR’s most coveted titles. Held annually in May, THE PLAYERS is one of the most anticipated tournaments on the PGA TOUR calendar, boasting not only the strongest field but also the biggest purse on the PGA TOUR.

THE PLAYERS Stadium Course at TPC Sawgrass is a golf course built with both the pros and the fans in mind. The course, owned by the PGA TOUR, first hosted THE PLAYERS in 1982 and is now the permanent home of the annual event. A true “Stadium Course,” the championship-caliber golf course was designed to improve the overall on-site fan experience at THE PLAYERS, while also making it accessible to and playable by golf fans of all abilities.

Entertaining your valued guests during THE PLAYERS Championship allows you to have quality, controlled time with these important individuals. As a result, you will further develop your relationships – leading to increased sales growth and revenue.

Princeton Group is a leading provider of tickets, off-site hospitality, and hotel accommodations for popular golf majors. We look forward to working with your group to provide an well-run program that will impress your top clients and employees.

THE PLAYERS Championship 2018 is May 10-13, 2018 at TPC Sawgrass, located in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL just 12 miles outside of Jacksonville.

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