MLB All-Star Game

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The MLB All-Star Game and Home Run Derby is a fun two-day break from the daily rigors of the long Major League Baseball season.  Long considered the best of the all-star games, the MLB All-Star game provides a unique opportunity for baseball fans of all ages to watch the top pitchers compete against the best hitters baseball has to offer.

The Home Run Derby on Monday is a great exhibition of baseball’s top long ball hitters as they compete with each other through three rounds in order to win the coveted trophy.  There have been many memorable power displays such as Josh Hamilton hitting 15 home runs in a row at Yankee Stadium or Mark McGwire awing the fans at Fenway Park with long blasts over the Green Monster (although Ken Griffey, Jr. eventually won the event).

You can enjoy the top players compete against each other in the MLB All-Star Game.  This is an event where the pitchers never get an “easy out” in a lineup loaded with players who normally bat at the top of the lineup hitting in the sixth or seventh place due to so many good hitters.  These same top pitchers also can go all out as most will only pitch one or maybe two innings and don’t have to pace themselves for a longer stint on the mound.

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Washington DC will host the 2018 MLB All-Star Game July 17th at Nationals Park.