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Client Entertaining102: Concerts & Theater

Posted by: Princeton Group | Posted on: September 5th, 2013 | 0 Comments

When most people think of client entertainment, their mind goes directly towards sporting events. At Princeton Group we have definitely helped many many businesses find success in hosting clients at major golf championships, the Kentucky Derby, the Super Bowl, and the Final Four and similar championship events. However, we understand that not every one’s schedule and budget allow for travel to these major events. We also have found that sometimes a smaller, local, kickoff event can set the tone for a relationship building trip such as the ones mentioned. Regardless of your budget on time and money, our team at Princeton Group has experience planning perfectly tailored events to your needs. As you plan for your next client outing, consider a fun evening out to a concert or theater event.

A Few Tips for Client Entertainment at Concerts & Theater

Keep “Client Favorites” Notes – It may seem obvious to keep business related notes on all of your clients, but we find that it is helpful to keep “favorites” notes as well. Perhaps your client mentions that he is a huge Bruce Springsteen fan, write it down and keep it in mind as you plan the next outing. Concert and theater entertaining can be a great way to leverage your relationships, but unlike many sporting events, the artist/show is critical to your guest’s experience. Any football fan would jump at the chance to see the Super Bowl live regardless of if their team were playing, but someone who hinted they love Bruce Springsteen may not be impressed by even the best seats to a Jay-Z concert!

Plan Ahead – Although a concert or theater outing is most likely a local event that does not require much travel, a little pre-planning can ensure your event goes smoothly. Get your tickets organized ahead of time, buy a prepaid parking pass if possible. If you are renting a limo or car service be sure to double check the details – the last thing you want is to end your awesome evening waiting for a car service that was accidentally booked for 11:00 am rather than 11:00 pm!

Prep Your Guests – At Princeton Group we like to provide itineraries to our guest for all events, no matter how big or how small. Just a simple email including the timeline and details can help to ensure your guests are at ease before the event. Of course, if you’d like assistance with this, we are always happy to help.