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Corporate Entertaining 101

Posted by: Princeton Group | Posted on: May 1st, 2013 | 0 Comments

Building long lasting relationships play a key role in running a successful business. Often times, these powerful relationships, which may begin in the boardroom, are engaged while at social events with clients and customers. In some industries, clients have come to except a decent standard of client entertainment. Corporate hospitality and entertainment will help you build rapport with your clients, making them more likely to continue to do business with you.


Here are a few ideas of events that your clients might enjoy:

  • Tickets to a concert – What a great way to personalize an experience for your client. You might be thinking, “but concerts are loud and we can’t talk business.” However, concerts are casual, fun, and definitely memorable – you can close the business deal the next day in a meeting after your guests have an amazing time at the concert!
  • Box Seats to a Professional Sports Game – This option is ideal for hosting 10-20 clients at once. Perhaps you are working with a team of people, and it would be beneficial to have both your key executives and theirs in the same room. A box or suite gives you the privacy to talk shop while enjoying an exciting game, but at the same time your clients will be impressed with high end amenities that suites offer.
  • Tickets to a Championship Level Game – There is nothing more exciting that seeing your favorite team clinch a championship. Take the opportunity to share such a once in a lifetime experience with your top clients. Such events include the Super Bowl, College Bowl Games, U.S. Open Golf, U.S. Open Tennis, Indy 500, The Ryder Cup, Stanley Cup Playoffs,  NBA Finals, and the World Series.
  • A Trip to a Major Sporting Event – While this option is typically a higher investment monetarily and in time, it gives you the most face time with key clients. Choosing to invite top clients for a weekend at an event like the Kentucky Derby or taking in the opening rounds at Augusta is a check off the bucket list, and will absolutely score you a top rating from your guests!

Princeton Group can provide access to VIP tickets and accommodations, as well as handle the many details involved in creating the absolute best experience for you and your clients. We realize that each of your client’s interests vary, which is why we are eager to work with you to plan the ideal package for you. Keep notes of your client’s favorite teams, sports, cities, and bands as these details can make a huge difference in their excitement surrounding any event. In the end, it is most important that your event or trip is a success, and that your client has a memorable experience – and that is our specialty.