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Super Bowl XLVI Predictions

Posted by: Princeton Group | Posted on: January 27th, 2012 | 0 Comments

Super Bowl XLVI is an unpredicted rematch of Super Bowl XLII. Four years ago the New York Giants played their role as the underdog facing the undefeated New England Patriots, and won! The question now is can they do it again?

This will be the teams’ fifth meeting in the last 10 years, with each the Patriots and the Giants claiming two wins each. The rivalry is clear, and with the Patriots hungry for their first Super Bowl title since 2005, and eager to avenge their 2008 loss, some New England fans are calling it “The Revenge Bowl 2012.” While the Patriots will try to rewrite the past, the Giants are hoping to repeat their playoff performance from four years ago. If they win on February 5th, they will have won three playoff games on the road and the Super Bowl as a wildcard team -exactly how they won back in 2008.

Super Bowl XLVI New England Patriots vs New York Giants

History reads that when two teams meet in the Super Bowl after playing each other in the regular season, the regular season losing team is favored to win the Super Bowl. Look no further than the 2007-08 season when the Patriots beat the Giants 38-35 to close out the regular season. The two teams played in a rare regular season meeting again this year, this time the Giants took the W, 24-20. So according to history, the odds fall in favor of the New England Patriots this time.

So who is going to win the Super Bowl on February 5th? Both teams will travel nearly identical distances from Boston and New Jersey to the host city, Indianapolis, Indiana. Both teams have exactly two wins against each other. The team’s home cities are arguably the two biggest city rivals in all of sports history. They both have high profile, highly paid, and very successful quarterbacks. Their last three meetings have been decided with four points or less. Princess, a camel at a New Jersey zoo, picked the Giants (she is 5 for 6 in picking the winner), Obama can’t decide, and lastly Vegas is favoring New England by 3.5