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Key Planning Tips for 2012’s Biggest Sporting Events

Posted by: Princeton Group | Posted on: January 3rd, 2012 | 0 Comments

Now that you have secured your ticket, hospitality, and/or accommodations package with Princeton Group for great events such as Final Four, Kentucky Derby, Super Bowl, or the US Open, it is time to ensure that you are doing the proper planning to ensure a successful event.

One of the key benefits of working with Princeton Group is that we have the experience, knowledge, and focus to make certain your clients or valued guests have a great time at a five-star event.  In addition, we will provide key information, planning tips, and be a resource to answer any question you might have prior, during, or after the event.  You should feel comfortable calling or emailing us at anytime to address any questions you have about your event.

Whether you are attending Kentucky Derby, Final Four, Super Bowl, Ryder Cup, or any other event, there are a few key planning items that you should attend to as quickly as possible to improve your return on investment (ROI).  The following is a good list of planning tips:

  •  Plan your preferred group.  You should take into account the various personalities of the individuals, their importance to your business, whether they are competitors, and who you (and your other guests) will have the most fun with.
  • Ask these important clients or guests as soon as possible.  Not only will this ensure they keep their schedule free but you can begin experiencing the benefit of asking them to a great event such as The Ryder Cup or The Super Bowl as quickly as possible.
  • Book your flights.  This will ensure you can keep your costs down and get the exact flight times you desire as there are many other individuals going to these same cities during these events (for example, Louisville airport is busier Kentucky Derby weekend than normal).
  • Ask questions.  If you have questions on the event you just booked with Princeton Group, please ask us.  That way, you can more effectively describe the program to your guests when you ask them.
  • Build it up!  Your top customers are often too busy to meet for lunch but they will clear their schedules to attend an event like the Super Bowl or The Final Four.  Make sure they realize how important they are to you and that is why you have asked them out of all your clients.

These are some of the keys to planning your big event.  Princeton Group is always available to answer your questions about the event and your specific ticket and hospitality program you have booked.  We want you to look like a superstar with your guests so it is important to us you are informed about what you need to do.